Chris Janson Wants to Make Sure You See This Video

Chris Janson has released the poignant video to his latest single, "Drunk Girl."  The song, which was co-written by Chris, comes from the perspective of a concerned father, and the music video paints a realistic portrait of a young girl as she experiences relationships throughout her life. Chris and the crew shut down Nashville’s famed Broadway to capture the visual.

Chris said, “We don’t ever want to offend anybody, but man, it’s almost a disservice if you don’t bring light to some subjects that are so important and don’t get talked about nearly as much as they should.”

After watching the clip through the first time, Chris admitted he got emotional. He told, “I don’t cry very easily, but man, this one broke me down quick.”

Chris will spend the summer on Jake Owen’s Life’s Whatcha Make It 2018 Tour.

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