Brazilian Soccer Great To Marry Two Women


Brazilian soccer great Ronaldinho is set to marry both of his girlfriends in a ceremony this August, according to the country's newspaper, O Dia. The 38-year-old, who retired in January, has been dating one of the women since 2013 and the other since 2016 while still dating the first one, and the three of them reportedly have been living together, quote, "harmoniously" since December. The report said he recently proposed to the women, giving them both engagement rings. While bigamy and polygamy are illegal in Brazil, since Ronaldinho isn't not marrying one woman first and then the other, but marrying them at the same time, it's considered a three-person civil union, which is legally allowed. The first one was recognized in 2012 involving two women and a man, and another was recognized in 2015 of three women. (Yahoo Sports)

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