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Getting Too Much Screen Time? Try These Glasses!

It's almost impossible to go a whole day without staring at a screen . . . TVs, computers, your phone.  They're everywhere.  And according to a recent study, we now spend 11 hours a DAY staring at screens.

So we had to invent some NEW technology to stop us from abusing our OLD technology . . .

There's a new product on Kickstarter called "IRL Glasses" . . . which stands for "In Real Life."  And they look like normal sunglasses.

But instead of just blocking UV rays, they block the light coming from TVs and computers, so the screens look BLANK.

The guys who invented them posted a video, and claim they didn't use any special effects in it.  If that's true, it looks like they DO really work by taking advantage of something called "horizontal polarized optics."

They claim the current prototype works on most TVs and some computers, but not cell phones yet.

You can pre-order them for $49 on Kickstarter, and they start shipping in April. 


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