Cole Swindell Latest Video was Filmed in Reverse


Cole Swindell's experience for shooting the video for his latest hit, "Break Up In The End," was a first for the singer. The clip shows the rewind of a relationship, but the footage wasn't all simply reversed. Cole had to act in reverse, too, which wasn't easy. He says "This song just hits me right here (points to heart) and here I am trying to be serious and they have it in like double the speed, the song so it sounds like (hums) so I'm having to lip sync that that fast and still look like I'm lost in the song, so it was just a different thing, and walking backwards. The whole video plays . . . You already know what's gonna happen. It's called 'Break Up In The End' so we decided to start with the breakup and just go back through the relationship literally backwards. It was interesting me walking backward singing a heartbreaking song in double the speed, if you can imagine me doing that (laughs). It was quite the feat."

Cole will perform a free postgame concert following the 2018 Gator Bowl, taking place on December 31st in Jacksonville, FL. The game will be broadcast on ESPN.

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