Should We But USED Tissues To Help Avoid the Flu?


A company called Vaev just started selling tissues that are already infested with GERMS.  Someone else already sneezed or blew their nose into these tissues, then the company packages them up in a box and sells them to you.

For $80.  That's right.  $80 for a box of used tissues.

They CLAIM that using these tissues helps build up your immune system to get you ready for flu season . . . OR let you DECIDE when you're going to intentionally give yourself the flu to get it out of the way.  Really, that's part of their marketing message.

Anyway, before you drop $80, just know that doctors are NOT on board.  One doctor in Akron, Ohio says, quote, "That's bizarre.  This seems like a total waste of money." 

And one in Nashville says, quote, "This is potentially hazardous if it does work, and I don't think that it does."  I really hope this product is fake and this is all just a stunt.

 We say...get the flu shot. 


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