Post Ice Cream Day Remorse?

1.  Our top three reasons for avoiding ice cream are too many calories . . . too much sugar . . . and too much fat.

2.  62% of us have eaten way more ice cream in a single sitting than we meant to at least once in our lives.

3.  52% said eating ice cream makes them feel guiltier than skipping the gym.  56% said it makes them feel guiltier than binge watching TV on a nice day.  And 61% said it makes them feel guiltier than being late for work.

4.  Nearly 20% of us routinely avoid the ice cream section of the grocery store.  45% said they don't want to be tempted.  36% do it because they don't want to gain weight.  And 10% said it's because someone in their family has dietary restrictions.

Also, our five favorite ice cream toppings are chocolate fudge or another flavored sauce . . . chocolate chips . . . nuts . . . whipped cream . . . and some sort of chocolate candy.  Just 9% said they prefer their ice cream plain with no toppings. 

(PR Newswire)

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