Garth Retired Once, But That's Behind Him Now!


Three years ago, Garth Brooks embarked on his first tour in nearly two decades. Now that overly successful World Tour With Trisha Yearwood is drawing to a close, you have to wonder if retirement is in the picture. The 55 year old has a very definite answer to that: “This is the North America leg that’s coming to a close – that’s it. My retiring days are behind me. If they’re gonna get rid of me, they’re gonna have to throw me out now. They’ve made the mistake of letting me back in, and so I’m having the time of my life. So do we have the Houston Livestock Show that we haven’t played for 20-something years? Yes! Do we get to do gigs that we have promised we would get to? Yes! Do I get to do gigs for no reason other than the fact that I’ve always wanted to go in this guy’s backyard and break out a guitar and play? Yeah!”


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