Need a Job??? Read This First!

Here are five things hiring managers say can up your chances of actually landing the job . . .



1.  Being involved in your community.  So, things like volunteer work, helping out at your church, or coaching a little league team.



2.  Being bilingual.  34% of hiring managers said it ups your chances of getting hired.  Obviously Spanish is the best second language to know at this point.



3.  Having a better sense of humor than the other people they interview.  25% said it ups your chances.



4.  Being better dressed than the other applicants.  So don't go in looking like a slob.



5.  Having more in common with the interviewer.  So don't feel like the entire interview has to be about work.  Like if they have a picture on the wall from a trip to Spain, and you've been there too, bring it up. 

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