Ten Things Couples Would Change About Each Other

What women would like to change about their husband:

1.  They'd make him less grumpy.  35% of wives agreed with that one.

2.  They'd make him listen more when they talk, 30%.

3.  They'd get rid of some of his bad habits, 25%.  They didn't say which ones.

4.  They'd make him more appreciative, 25%.

5.  They'd make him help more around the house, 21%.

6.  They'd make him eat healthier, 14%.

7.  They'd get him to spend less money, 13%.

8.  They'd make him cut down on the drinking, 13%.

9.  They'd make him always put the toilet seat down, 12%.

10.  They'd make him more emotionally intelligent, 12%.

Now here are the top ten things men would change about their wives . . .

1.  They'd make her more affectionate, 23%.

2.  They'd make her happier in general, 22%.

3.  They'd get her to be more adventurous in bed, 20%.

4.  They'd have her clean the house more, 18%.  

5.  They'd make her more appreciative, 17%.  So that one was in the top five for both.

6.  They'd make her live a healthier lifestyle, 16%.  

7.  They'd want her to have more energy, so she's not tired all the time, 16%.

8.  They'd dress her in sexier clothes, 16%.

9.  They'd make her spend less money, 14%.

10.  It's a three-way tie between "Have more fun" . . . "Be less of a control freak" . . . and "Stop watching bad TV shows."  13% of guys agreed with all three of those.

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