The Best Wine & Halloween Candy Pairings

Kit Kat & Prosecco: Crisp bubbles pair perfectly with the crisp wafer, plus the citrus notes of the wine draw out the creamy chocolate flavors.

Reese's & Port Wine: The acidic wine (with a touch of sweetness) balances out the peanut butter.

Gummy Bears & Rose: The light and slightly sweet wine compliments the fruity flavors of the candy.

M&M's & Cabernet Sauvignon: A medium-bodied red pairs well with chocolate of all kinds.

Candy Corn & Chardonnay: That pure-sugar taste is toned down a bit by the buttery notes found in the wine.

Twizzlers & Moscato: A little something sweet to pair with that chewy licorice texture.

Sour Patch Kids & Champagne: Sour candy needs a wine that acidic enough to cleanse the palette, but still allows you to savor the flavor.

Snickers & White Zinfandel: The nuttiness of the wine draws out all of the flavors found in this candy bar.

Butterfinger & Pinot Grigio: The sweetness of the peanut butter is rounded out by citrus notes.

Skittles & Sauvignon Blanc: The dry and zesty wine cuts right through the sweet and sugary candy.

Starburst & Pinot Noir: This fruity wine draws out all of the mouthwatering berry flavors.

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