What Your Halloween Costume Says About YOU!

1.  A superhero.  42% of people think it means you're athletic.

2.  A pop culture-inspired costume.  44% of people said you're probably a really GOOD TIME.  23% of people said a SCARY costume like a zombie or a mummy is also a sign you're a partier.

3.  A historical figure.  24% of people said it means you're a bookworm. 

4.  If you made your costume yourself, 20% of people think it means you're the "therapist type" who listens to their friends' problems and gives out advice.

5.  If you're wearing a political costume, 61% of people say it's a sign that you're a big sports fan.

6.  If you're dressing as a cop, firefighter, doctor, or nurse, 19% of people think you're probably the SERIOUS one in your group of friends. 


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