Plaza Hotel in NYC Offering Home Alone 2 Package

The iconic Plaza Hotel in New York City that set the scene for a good chunk of the 1992 movie 'Home Alone 2' is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the film by offering a package that will give guests the true Kevin McAllister experience -- all for the low, low price of $895, which happens to be less than the $967 Kevin spent on room service in the movie!

In addition to an in-room experience similar to what Kevin's suite looked like, guests can expect to dine on a 90's inspired menu and immerse themselves in a photo experience taking them through Kevin's unsupervised vacation in New York. If none of this has sold you yet, you can also order a Kevin McAllister-style sundae from room service!

The hotel concierge will be at your service during your stay helping you plan excursions to notable landmarks shown in the film after being whisked away by your limo driver...personal cheese pizza optional. CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

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