These 10 Things Hurt You When Trying to Get a Job

1.  Showing up late for your interview.  93% said it hurts your chances.  And it bothers women more than men.

2.  Whining or complaining about something, 92%.

3.  Showing a lack of preparation, 89%.

4.  Bad-mouthing a former boss, or a former company, 88%.

5.  Making a bad mistake on your resumé or cover letter.  Like a spelling error, 86%

6.  Using broken English or too much slang in your interview, 84%.

7.  Asking for way more money than the job would normally pay, 84%.

8.  Being underqualified, 80%.  So 20% said it DOESN'T hurt your chances.

9.  Answering their questions incorrectly, 77%.

10.  Not making enough eye contact, 76%.  

A few more that just missed the top ten were bragging . . . rambling . . . dressing too casual for your interview . . . and using a gimmick, like showing up with a gift. 


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