It's Dustin Lynch's Birthday, He's "Hurtin" for Love

It doesn't matter how famous you are, finding the right person can be tough.  Take DUSTIN LYNCH, for example.  He wants it to happen so badly that it hurts.  He even wrote a song about.

He says, quote, "The inspiration behind 'Good Girl' is me longing to find that person.  The two guys that I was [writing it with] have already found their 'good girl.'  So they were probably writing from a different spot than I am.

"I'm still writing about things that I haven't experienced and want to experience in life.  I think finding that special someone is something we're all hurtin' to do.

He does believe the right girl is out there somewhere.  If not, there's a certain someone in his life who will be very disappointed.  Quote, "My mom wants me to find her more than anybody."

He's 33 today.

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