Dad Works Seven Days a Week to Get This For His Daughter

There's a 36-year-old guy in Pittsburgh named Ricky Smith who works three different jobs to make sure his family has enough money.

He works at McDonalds, Popeyes, AND at a Circle K convenience store.  And even working six days a week, money's tight.  But check this out . . .

He has a 14-year-old daughter named Nevaeha who recently wanted a $200 dress for her 8th grade formal.  And she knew they couldn't afford it.

But Ricky really wanted to get it for her.  So he secretly picked up even more shifts, and started working SEVEN days a week.  And now a video of him surprising her with the dress is all over social media.

She wouldn't stop hugging him, and started crying.  And the huge smile on Ricky's face kind of says it all. 

After the video hit Facebook, Nevaeha told a reporter that she's never felt more love in her heart, and she's really lucky that he's her dad. 

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