10 Dumbest Things People Put on Their Resume in 2018

1.  Someone submitted a résumé where every sentence was in a different font.

2.  Someone claimed they'd had 40 different jobs in a single year.

3.  A 22-year-old claimed they already had THREE different college degrees.

4.  Someone tried to attach their résumé to an email, but attached a full credit check application for an apartment by mistake.

5.  Someone noted that they'd had, quote, "as many marriages as jobs."  (???)

6.  Someone decided to include their extensive ARREST record on their résumé.

7.  A company got a résumé where the entire thing was just one sentence.

8.  Someone noted at the bottom of their résumé that they don't like babies or puppies.

(PR Newswire)

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