Four Things That Make Co-Workers Think You're Dumb

Here's a list of four things that can make you look DUMB at work.  And they're all backed by science . . .

 1.  Using emojis in your emails.  A series of studies last year found they can make you seem less competent.  Most people still think they're just too informal for work emails.

2.  Telling inappropriate jokes.  A study in 2016 found that telling a GOOD joke is one of the BEST ways to seem smart and competent at work.  But jokes that involve swearing or inappropriate topics can have the opposite effect.

3.  Swearing in general.  A Career Builder survey in 2012 found about half of us DO swear at work sometimes.  And the same survey also found over 50% of bosses think swearing makes employees seem less intelligent.

4.  Never asking for advice.  A Harvard Business School study found most of us think asking for advice would make us seem less capable.  But we have the opposite opinion when other people do it, and see them as MORE capable when they ask for advice.

(Business Insider)

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