Are You Hosting This Thanksgiving? Here Are Some Tips!

According to the survey, here are the top ten things we do to prepare for holiday guests . . .

1.  Clean your house.  85% of us try to do it before we have guests.

2.  Have plenty of food options, 69%.  Which might include a grocery store trip.

3.  Declutter, 58%.  So instead of just cleaning, you might look around the house and find stuff to put in storage or throw away.

4.  Restock some extra toilet paper in the bathroom, 54%.  The survey also found that EXPENSIVE toilet paper is one of the top things that can "impress" your guests.

5.  Light some scented candles, 47%.

6.  Bake something, like cookies or a pie, 45%.

7.  Get your laundry done, 43%.  

8.  Brew some fresh coffee, 38%.  Especially the first morning they're there.

9.  Put out fresh flowers, 27%.

10.  Do a last-minute home improvement project, 24%.  That might just be something small, like fixing a loose doorknob, or changing a light bulb. 


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