The 43 Yard FG Challenge, Did Randy Make the Kick?

The bet was on! Whiskey didn't think Randy could make a 43 yard field goal, Randy thought he could.

Here's what happened!

A BIG thank you to Coach Glenn Gibson for hosting the event at Randy's alma mater, James M. Bennett High School. He was even kind enough to find the #19 jersey that Randy wore over 20 years ago when he played for the Clippers. Thanks to Ben the JMB kicker for some pointers as well!

A HUGE thank you to our FAM, Bryan Simon AKA BrySi for the quick turnaround and awesome editing job he did with this video. His YouTube channel link is He is also BrySi The iT GUY! If you need help with anything IT, he's your guy! or call him 302-381-8484.

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