Inmates Use Car Theft Skills To Free Kid Locked in a SUV

A couple locked their keys in their SUV outside a courthouse in New Port Richey, Florida last Thursday, near Tampa. And their one-year-old daughter was inside.

There were a bunch of cops around. And they could have broken a window if they'd really needed to. So she was never in any real danger.

But apparently none of the cops had a slim jim to get the doors open. Or they couldn't reach the automatic door-lock button with one.

But five prison inmates were on work release nearby, fixing a median in the road. And one of them just happened to have some experience breaking into cars.

Another person in the parking lot had a coat hanger in their car. And the inmate was able to use it to get the doors open while the cops stood there and supervised. So yes, he got permission first.

In the end, the little girl was only locked inside for about five minutes. And her mom got the whole thing on video. 


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