Thomas Rhett Reunites Moms with Their Military Kids!

Thomas Rhett is making sure some special military moms have an unforgettable Mother's Day. In partnership with Crown Royal, Thomas surprised these four ladies with an emotional reunion with their military children. People reports the ladies thought they were all heading down to Florida to meet Thomas to pack care packages for active duty service members overseas as part of the Crown Royal Purple Bag Project.

When he asked one mom what would be the proudest moment she could have as a mother, she said, “Welcoming them home.” At that moment, the women's children surprised them and the tears started flowing.

Thomas said, “Spending some time with and recognizing these incredible women while reuniting them with their sons and daughters was really special. It was a privilege to be part of it with Crown Royal and I look forward to celebrating all the moms in my life this Mother’s Day."

Thomas tells us that since becoming a father to his two young daughters,Ada James, 20 months, and Willa Gray, 3, he is much more appreciative of his own mom and mothers in general. “I never thought that I could love my wife more until I saw her become a mother. And so I think it makes you, first of all, have a lot more respect for Mother’s Day for your own mom, knowing how much your mom did for you. But then when you get to watch your wife do it to your own kids it takes that intensity to a different level. And it really makes Mother’s Day more of just like a, ‘Hey Mom, Happy Mother’s Day,’ into like, ‘Hey thank you, for like being the most amazing mother on the planet because without you this would all fall apart.’ And so Mother’s Day, we celebrate it with Lauren’s mom and my mom and it just means so much more now that I have kids than it used to before I didn’t have kids.”

The video for Thomas' latest hit, “Look What God Gave Her,” features some of the most important women in his life, including his wife and daughters.

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