The Stapletons Welcome a Baby Boy!


Chris Stapleton and his wife, Morgane, welcomed a baby boy earlier this month. Morgane just revealed the baby's gender on Instagram sharing the first picture of the baby and writing, "Sweet boy ... It's hard to believe almost a month has already gone by. Time flies faster than I ever thought imaginable. My heart is so full!"

Last year, the couple welcomed twin boys, who joined their older siblings, a brother and a sister. The Stapleton's have never revealed their kids names or ages, something Chris tells us he will forever protect. "You know, I signed up for this. My children did not and so in that respect I keep my children out of it. They're children and they deserve the chance to be children so for me, I'm very protective of that, and, you know, my wife comes out and also she's an adult and chooses to come out and be in the public eye. My children did not, and so access to that is, for me, kind of off limits."


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