It Looks Like 'Growing Pains' Will Be the Next to Re-Boot!

Hollywood's new trend for bringing back old TV shows is zeroing in on a new target: "Growing Pains".

JEREMY MILLER, who played Ben Seaver,says, quote, "We're still in talks right now. We're actually doing story creation and brainstorming right now. Kirk[Cameron],Tracey[Gold], and I are in constant contact about it.

"[We're] trying to put together a workable storyline that will be respectful to Alan[Thicke] and the cast and the history and everything . . . between the three of us, I think we may be able to knock something out."

He didn't share any ideas on how they might pay tribute to Alan, who died in 2016. For now, they don't have a network or production company attached.

The original show ran from 1985 to 1992 on ABC.

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