Father's Day is this Sunday! What Day Taught Us & What He's Getting!

Here is what dad taught us:

1. How to cook dinner or grill meat. 29% said their dad taught them.

2. How to put up a tent, 28%.

3. How to tie a necktie, 26%.

4. How to hang a picture, so it's level and won't fall, 26%.

5. How to build a fire, 18%.

Here is what we're getting dad whether he wants them or not:

1. A card.

2. A "special outing," like dinner at a restaurant.

3. Clothes. 

4. A gift card.

5. A book or CD.

6. Personal care items.

7. Electronics.

8. Tools or appliances.

9. Home improvement or gardening supplies.

10. Sporting goods.


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