What Are the Things Therapists Do When They're Stressed Out?

1. Try repeating a mantra. Write down some phrases you associate with strength, and then repeat them out loud several times in a row.

2. Take a break from the news and social media, and do something good for yourself, like reading or heading outside. Sometimes we just need a break from that stuff to clear our heads and put things in perspective.

3. Practice gratitude. Stay present and try to be grateful for what you have right now in the moment. It works best if you do it every day. Just think of three or four things you're grateful for. The more specific the better. Writing them down helps too.

4. Connect with other people and vent. Just talking to someone can help. Or even just verbalizing your concerns out loud to yourself might work. The point is to talk it out and see things from another angle . . . it's a technique called "cognitive reframing."

5. Remember that anxiety is natural. Some people get anxious just about BEING anxious. So sitting with it for a while can sometimes help by normalizing it in your brain. It gets easier to deal with when you remember anxiety is part of life. 

(Huff Post)

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