Worried About Your Pets When You Go Back to Work? We're Here to Help!

1. Find a new routine. Pets are like Randy. They like having a schedule, getting up at the same time, eating at the same time, and playing at the same time. So if you've gotten off track while quarantining, start trying to get on a more regular schedule.

2. Keep playing and grooming. Dogs and cats need regular exercise and playtime. And if they've been spoiled by having you home all the time, you'll need to try to keep it up when you go back to work. Even just 30 minutes playing with their favorite toy, brushing them, or taking them for a walk will make a difference.

3. Leave some music on. A from a couple years ago found that cats liked sounds with chirping and purring mixed in with some classical music. And there are out there specifically for dogs left home alone. Or you could just leave the Whiskey & Randy Podcast on all day for them. You're welcome.

4. Get your vet involved. Ultimately, the people who know your pet the best are you . . . and your vet. So if there's something you're worried about, they're the best resource. 


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