Tim McGraw Takes A Tumble Off The Stage During Music Festival In Arizona

Photo: Getty Images

Tim McGraw took a tumble as he performed during a music festival over the weekend in Tempe, Arizona. It happened during his set at Boots in the Park Festival on September 17. McGraw appeared to lose his balance as he took a knee near the edge of the catwalk. He fell back into the crowd, and security officials quickly stepped in to help.

“When Tim McGraw’s bun hugging jeans are too tight to get up, he just falls and greets the crowd….” one of the festival goers wrote, sharing a one-minute clip of the fall on TikTok. The fan added in the caption: “Helluva concert good ol [Tim McGraw] put on last nt. Glad he was ok and was up meeting the crowd.”

McGraw reportedly took a knee to help shine the spotlight on his guitar player, who launched into an impressive solo during the show, according to Billboard and CMT, among other news outlets. That’s when the “7500 OBO” artist lost his footing, though he took it as a chance to greet his fans and quickly recovered, continuing his performance at the festival.

Some TikTok users even drew comparisons in the comments to Post Malone, who also recently took a fall onstage. That happened during a performance in St. Louis, Missouri, and it “got me pretty good.” He shared an update to fans, captioning the clip: “love you guys so much.”

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