Spaghetti Day Today

- 37% of Millennials don't know how to cook spaghetti and meatballs (

- top five worst car foods: soup, spaghetti, ribs, salad and nachos (

- 42% of women admit they have trouble cooking spaghetti (Asia Food Recipe)

- Spaghetti is the top children's dish, with nearly half naming it their favorite. (Daily Mail)

A survey by ItalPasta reveals that 52% of people say pasta is the easiest meal to prepare for a first date. Other findings:

- 35% of people say pasta is the most romantic date night meal - 28% of singles won't kiss a person who slurps their spaghetti

- 24% of people don't think it's cute when a person has sauce on their face

- 12% of people think it's wrong when someone cuts spaghetti with a knife 

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