Cheese Lovers Day Trending

- 29% of young children think cheese comes from a plant not an animal. 25% of teens think the same (British Nutrition Foundation)

- 10.4% of people eat too much cheese (A survey by Never Binge Again author Glenn Livingston)

- 61% of people would give up cheese forever in order to get rid of their student loans (

- 36% of people eat their wings with blue cheese ( National Chicken Council)

- A survey by Pizza Pizza and Pizza reveals that 53% of women say cheese is their favorite pizza topping

- 50% of college students would would eat boxed macaroni and cheese for a month in exchange for not having to carry around textbooks (the education software company Kno)

- Most Embarrassing Food Habits... According to a new survey by Instacart ... #1 putting ketchup on macaroni and cheese ... 48%

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