National Pizza Day Is Here

A Manchester University study reveals that eating pizza can help you look younger because tomato paste prevents sunburn and protects against premature wrinkles.

Prof. Lesley Rhodes, who conducted the study, says people who ate the paste for three months were a third less likely to burn than those who hadn't eaten it. "These weren't huge amounts of tomato we were feeding the group. It was the sort of quantity you would easily manage if you eat a lot of tomato-based meals. If you can improve your protection through your diet then, over several years, this may have a significant effect."

Also, Personality Profile: Your Favorite Pizza Toppings Reveal Your Personality... According to a study by Hungry Howie's

pineapple and ham... you have a laid-back attitude and are not bothered by stress or tension. You're confident in your own skin and have an eccentric sense of humor

just cheese... you are plain, dependable and worry too much.

pepperoni... you care about loved ones, live a simple, drama-free life and have a great sense of humor

sausage... you strive to live a balanced lifestyle, are open to criticism and love to give advice 

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