Big Game Snack Attack

A survey by Let's Get Checked reveals that the average person will eat 10,821 calories during Sunday's "Big Game". Other findings:

- the average person will eat 180 grams of saturated fat on Sunday for the game

- 69% of people plan to overindulge this Sunday for the celebration

- the average fan plans to eat the following on during the game on Sunday

2.7 portions of hot wings

3.2 slices of pizza

2.1 portions of fries

3.4 bags of chips

1.9 portions of chilli

2.4 burgers

1.7 sliders

2 hot dogs

2.7 portions of nachos

3 pieces of fried chicken

1.8 ribs

1.7 sausages

1.6 slices of cake

1.8 brownies

1.8 bowls of ice cream

2.3 portions of salad

2.1 subs

1.7 bags of sweets

1.9 bars of chocolate 

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