Burning Off Easter Calories

Burn Off Easter Candy

What it takes to burn off Easter candy according to stuff.co.nz

Cadbury Creme Egg (170 calories)... 15 minutes of biking or 20 minutes of jogging or 18 minutes of weight training

One large chocolate Easter Bunny (1,050 calories) ... one hour of mountain biking or 20 minutes of high intensity interval training or 30-second sprints for 30 minutes

chocolate marshmallow bunnies (384 calories) ... a one-hour walk

hollow chocolate Easter eggs (700 calories)... three hours of gardening

Burning Off Easter Candy from stuff.co.nz

Cadbury Cream Easter eggs... 20 minutes of jumping rope or 20 minutes of skipping, or 19 minutes of jogging or 35 minutes of power walking

Lindt Golden Easter Bunny ... 2 hours and 16 minutes of treadmill walking or 52 minutes of jogging

hollow milk chocolate Easter egg... 65 minutes of cycling or 90 minutes of Pilates

dark chocolate Easter Bunny ... 60 minutes of swimming or 60 minutes of jogging or 45 minutes of rowing

Weight Watchers

The Anschutz Medical Campus Wellness Center is out with their list of how much exercise you have to do to burn off your Easter candy.

5 marshmallow chicks contain 140 calories ... walk for 39 minutes to burn it off

1 creme-filled chocolate egg has 150 calories .. jump rope for 12 minutes to burn it off

15 jelly beans have 160 calories ... bicycle for 25 minutes to burn it off

1 peanut butter egg has 80 calories ... swim for 15 minutes to burn it off

1 solid chocolate Easter bunny has 240 calories ... jog for 27 minutes to burn it off

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