Tax Day Is Here

Tax Day Trending

- It will take the average American taxpayer until May to pay their federal, state and local tax bills.

- 49% of taxpayers would rather go to the dentist than prepare their taxes (48%).

- The Washington Examiner says it takes 6.5 billion hours each year to prepare tax returns. The cost to do the paperwork is estimated at $210 billion. Individuals, who prepare their own tax returns, typically spend 12.5 hours filling out forms. 

Top Reasons People File Their Taxes At The Last Minute ... According to a survey by the title insurance company IPX1031

too complicated (25%)

making sure things are correct (20%)

too time-consuming (11%)

worried about owing money (7%). 

While National taxes are due today. The state tax filing deadline in Delaware and Virginia is set for May 1, 2023.

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