Coffee And Work Go Together

Coffee And Work Survey

A new survey by OnePoll reveals that the average worker spends 50 hours per year purchasing coffee drinks during their workday. Other findings:

- the average worker spends $2,800 per year on coffee

- 66% of workers say coffee is their preferred first drink of the day

- 47% of workers prefer iced coffee in the morning

- 30% of workers drink flavored water in the morning

- 77% of coffee drinkers need two or more cups to feel productive during the workday

- 24% of workers say Monday is the day when they need coffee the most

- 60% of workers use coffee to improve their mood at work

- 26% of workers want to be able to brew different kinds of beverages at work

- 80% employees say of having free beverages as an office "perk" would make them feel valued

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