On this world chocolate day, here's what your zodiac sign says you eat.

The Type Of Chocolate You Should Eat Based On Your Zodiac Sign .. … According to a article by Best Life Magazine

Aries... Mexican Hot Chocolate.. you have an adventurous streak that extends to your food. You can be spicy and you like surprises.

Taurus... Chocolate Covered Strawberries ... you love luxury and are a big spender. You love to indulge in things your heart desires

Gemini ... Chocolate Truffles ... you love variety and get bored easily. You tend to be a social butterfly

Cancer ... Double Chocolate Chip Cookies ... you are sweet and simple 

Leo ... Chocolate Dome Dessert ... you are flashy and theatrical. You have a bright personality and draw attention wherever you go

Virgo ... Chocolate Mousse... you are detail oriented and have simple tastes

Libra... Chocolate Raspberry Torte... you love things that are luxurious and expensive. You crave the finer things in life and work hard to achieve your dreams

Scorpio... Devil's Food Cake.. you are intense and complicated. You are sensual and have a fun, loving side. Some people say you have a great sense of humor

Sagittarius... S'mores.. you will try anything once

Capricorn.. Chocolate Martini.. you love the classics in everything you do

Aquarius... Chocolate Taco.. you are a rebel and are fun and funky

Pisces ... Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae .. you are sweet and loving. Many describe you as easy going, relaxed, artistic and imaginative 

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