Make the most of your online shopping today.

7 Tips for Shopping Amazon Prime Day Deals Like A Pro … According to a new article by IGN News 

1. Set a Spending Budget

2. Make a List of What You Want to Buy

3. Compare Sale Prices Outside of Amazon

4. Don't Hesitate on a Good Lightning Deal

5. Do Your Own Research

6. Follow a Trusted Source on Social Media

7. Shop Safely Online

Here Are 7 Mistakes Not To Make During Amazon Prime Day … According to a new article by CNBC

Not considering the Prime Visa credit card

Paying the $139 annual Prime fee without considering alternatives

Choosing the fastest possible shipping option if your item isn’t urgent

Not considering other competing sales 

Buying items that are better priced during Black Friday or Labor Day

Skipping the comparison shopping or price research

Shopping without a list 

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