Sunday is National Ice Cream Day!

How Your Fave Ice Cream Reveals Your Personality

A study by Baskin-Robbins reveals how your favorite ice-cream can reveal your personality.

- People, who like ice cream on sugar cones are funny, edgy and the life of the party

- People, who like ice cream on a waffle cone are traditional and nurturing

- People, who like ice cream in a bowl or a cup are analytical, rational, family-oriented and hard-working

- People, who like ice cream sandwiches are artistic, impulsive and idealistic

- People, who like ice cream sundaes are passionate, motivated and loyal

- People, who eat ice cream out of the carton are resourceful, dependent and strong leaders

- People who like milkshakes are young-at-heart, fearless, impulsive and athletic

Ice Cream Survey

Breyers surveyed 2,000 people to find out their ice cream preferences. Here's what they found ...

Strawberry ice cream fanatics

  • On average, find love at age 24
  • Like doing laundry
  • Prefer sci-fi movies
  • Listen to jazz

Vanilla ice cream lovers

  • On average, find love at 25
  • Are introverted
  • Prefer dogs
  • Prefer washing dishes over doing laundry
  • Are night owls

Chocolate ice cream fans

  • On average, find love at 26
  • Are extroverted
  • Enjoy romantic comedies
  • Like pop and rock music

Top 5 ice cream toppings

  1. Chocolate chips: 52%
  2. Hot fudge: 49%
  3. Nuts: 40%
  4. Whipped cream: 37%
  5. Caramel: 35%

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