Man interupts his girlfriends graduation for a proposal

Man Interrupts Girlfriend's Graduation To Propose: The Daily Mail says a man recently interrupted his girlfriend's college graduation in order to propose. The bride-to-be was walking to collect her degree from Newcastle University when her boyfriend jumped on stage dressed in a graduation gown. He dropped down to one knee and proposed as the crowd went wild.

The Internet reacts ...

'A special moment when a woman receives the honour of what she has spent years working for only for it to be upstaged by her BF. Yayyy! Let’s celebrate.'

'I’d have been furious and said no.’

‘We need to normalize saying “No” to public proposals like this.’

‘Pretty poor timing on his part - let her have her moment without making it about him.’

'This is coercive control, he took her moment of personal achievement and made it about him whilst making it impossible to say anything but yes without ruining the moment even further.' 

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