Dating Tidbits

A new survey by the Bumble dating app reveals that 56% of singles value kindness over looks. Other findings:

- 84% of singles say giving a compliment is the kindest thing a person can do

- 88% of women say their self-confidence grows when they receive a compliment

- 44% of men say they don't always know how to give a compliment

- 58% of people have a hard time receiving a compliment

- 81% of singles say receiving a compliment from a potential partner makes them more interested in that person 

A new dating survey by Canada Dry reveals that 80% of people believe dinner dates are the hardest to get away from especially if they aren't going well. Other findings:

- 56% of people do dinner and a movie on a first date

- 43% of singles like a coffee date for their first date

- 34% of singles like a picnic for their first date

- the average first date lasts 2.72 hours

- it takes the average single four dates to feel comfortable with their potential partner

- 31% of singles get nervous on a first date

- 57% of singles enjoy their favorite drink before a first date

Worst First Date Offenses ... According to a new survey by Canada Dry 

arriving late (54%)

leaving early (41%)

drinking too much alcohol (35%)

spending too much time on their phone (28%)

talking about themselves the whole date (17%).

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