Phone Snooping Survey

Phone Snooping Survey

A new survey by Whistleout reveals that 50% of people admit to snooping through their partner's phone. Other findings:

- 48% of women feel looking at their partner's phone is "okay". 31% of men feel the same way 

- 34% of people have looked through a partner's phone without them knowing

- 7% of people have broken up with someone after snooping through their phone.

- 18% of people have gotten into an intense argument after snooping through their partner's phone

- Top things phone snoopers look at ...

Texts (78%)

Social media accounts (42%)

Photos (41%)

Call history (35%)

Browsers history (24%)

Emails (21%)

- Top things phone snoopers have found after snooping

nothing (43%)

flirting with another person (34%)

talking to an ex (25%)

found out they were cheating on them (21%)

using dating apps (10%)

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