Cheeese Pizza Day

Pizza Surveys

A survey by Vericast reveals that 43% of people purchase a frozen pizza on a weekly basis. Other findings:

- 13% of people say they are buying less expensive pizza as of late because of inflation

- 40% of people have no preference when it comes to choosing a pizzeria

- 3% of people have shifted from fresh pizza to frozen OR take-n-bake over the past year 

A survey by the outdoor pizza oven company Gozney reveals that 33% of people eat pizza at least once a week. Other findings:

- the average person eats three slices of pizza per sitting

- 75% of people would give up social media for a month in order to get free pizza for a year

- 64% of people would give up lovemaking for a month in order to get free pizza for a year

- 41% of people would be willing to spend a night in jail in order to get free pizza for a year

- 24% of people would break up with their partner in order to get free pizza for a year

- 31% of people would choose pizza as their last meal 

Top 10 Pizza Toppings People Think Are Acceptable … According to a survey by the Tabasco brand 





Goats cheese






A survey by California Pizza Kitchen reveals that The Rock (15%) is the celebrity most people would like to share a piece of pizza with. Ellen DeGeneres (13%) came in second followed by Jennifer Aniston (10%). Other findings:

- 54% of people eat pizza while watching sports.

- 23% of people eat pizza on a date night

- 26% of people celebrate a major accomplishment by eating pizza.

One Night Stand And Pizza

A survey by Yelp reveals that pizza is the most eaten food during a one-night stand. Other findings:

- 55% of Millennials have had a summer fling

- 30% of Millennials have Netflix-and-Chilled with a pizza

- 33% of Millennials say it's okay to eat with a one night stand as long as it's takeout or delivery.

- potential partners appear more attractive if they like the following foods: ; pizza, ice cream, pasta and tacos

A survey by National Today reveals that 98% of people like pizza. Other findings:

- 3% of people would rather eat a pizza than go on a date

- 30% of people eat pizza at least once a week.

- 22% of people say they can eat an entire pizza by themselves.

- most popular toppings: Cheese, pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, and bacon

A survey by Chicago's Home Run Inn Pizza reveals that 53% of people cheat on their diet with pizza.

Other Top Cheat Foods

deep-fried foods: 39 %

candy and chocolate: 32 %

steaks and burgers: 20 %

booze: 20 %

pasta: 19 %

cakes and pies: 16 %

- women are more likely to get busted with chocolate than men

- men are more likely to cheat with a burger or a steak than women

A survey by National Today reveals that 18% of people say pizza is their favorite food. Other findings:

Top 5 Most Popular Pizza Toppings

Cheese (82 %)

Pepperoni (66 %)

Sausage (58 %)

Mushrooms (53 %)

Bacon (51 %)

Top 5 Favorite Pizza Restaurants

Pizza Hut (31 %)

Papa John’s (17 %)

Domino’s (17 %)

Papa Murphy’s (10 %)

Little Caesar’s (8 %)

Pizza Productivity

Author Dan Ariely says pizza can improve people's work performances. He conducted a study among factory workers. They were offered free pizza, cash bonuses and compliments if they hit their goals.

The productivity of the pizza workers rose by 6.7%.

Those, who received a cash bonus increased their productivity by 4.9%.

The complement group increased their productivity by 6.6%

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