Today Is National Coffee Day

Celbrating National Coffee Day With Some Fast Facts

- 64% of people would rather give up coffee for a month than their smartphone (Simple Texting)

- 48% of non-breakfast eaters fill up on coffee in the morning (Fuel 10K)

- 67% of office workers drink more cups of coffee on a Monday than any other day of the week (Keurig)

- the average person drinks between four and five cups of coffee on a Monday (Keurig)

- 40% of men would give up coffee for a year for better facial hair (Honest Amish)

- 80% of women say their first sip of coffee or tea in the morning is their daily moment of Zen (Truvia)

- 50% of people say their morning starts positively when they have a cup of coffee (Original Donut Coffee Shop)

- 80% of people say their daily cup of coffee helps them stay positive and productive throughout the day (Original Donut Coffee Shop)

- A survey by Ortega reveals that 29% of people would give up coffee for a year in exchange for a year of free tacos.

- 43% of singles like a coffee date for their first date (Canada Dry)

- 28% of people would rather burn their mouths with hot coffee than engage with a customer service rep (a Massachusetts customer support company called Interactions)

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