Personality Profile - What Your Christmas Decorations Say About You 

According to a article by Mamamia.

If you have an all-white tree …. you are stylish and love making a bold aesthetic statement. 

If your tree is filled with sentimental ornaments … you are a hoarder who values tradition and history. 

If you have a real pine tree … you appreciate the authenticity and smell, despite the mess it creates. 

If you love lots of tinsel … you enjoy the simpler things in life.

If you use fake snow … you dream of a white Christmas.

If you have a fake, wooden tree … you are a minimalist who loves organization. 

If your tree is filled with homemade ornaments … you cherish your kids' creations and embrace organized chaos. 

If you have a strict color theme … you are a perfectionist who treats your tree like a work of art.

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