Spring Trending

- people are three times more likely to start a new diet or fitness routine in the Spring (Groupon)

- sales of salads often rise by 50% in the Spring (supermarket Asda)

- 70% of women and 48% of men diet in the spring so they can get in shape for the summer (Pizza Express)

- 68% of people feel that Spring Cleaning is overwhelming and a time-consuming chore (Merry Maids)

- 11% of people would rather spend three years cleaning the bathrooms at Chipotle than pay taxes (Wallethub)

- 70% of men use flattery to get out of cleaning (Spontex)

- A survey by Homejoy reveals that 42% of women get stressed by a dirty or messy home. 18% of women say that cleaning makes them feel like they are making everything right

- only 35% of women believe their partner does a thorough job when cleaning (Karcher Window Vac)

-- 66% of happy couples share household chores such as cooking, cleaning and laundry (Zoosk)

- 51% of people say Marshmallow Peeps remind them of Spring (Wakefield Research)

- A survey by the Rassmussen Report reveals that 69% of people say the arrival of Spring puts them in a better mood.

- 35% of allergy sufferers say Spring is the worst season for their allergy symptoms (Trane AC)

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