April Fool's Day Pranks

A survey by MFour Mobile Research reveals that 25% of people are willing to play an April Fool's prank at work. Other findings:

- 69% of people typically take part in an April Fool's prank.

- 22% of pranksters target colleagues on April Fool's Day.

- 20% of pranksters target parents on April Fool's Day.

- 53% of pranksters target friends on April Fool's Day

- 46% of pranksters target their partner on April Fool's Day.

- 2.7% of pranksters have received a reprimand at work for an April Fool's prank.

- 17% of people have pranked someone with a whoopee cushion

- 21% of people have pranked someone with toy bugs, rodents and snakes

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