Today Is Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day

- A survey by HR Grapevine reveals that 33% of at-home employees work in their pajamas

- 53% of naked sleepers say they enjoy high-quality sleep on a daily basis. Only 27% of people that wear pajamas to bed say the same. (Intellibed)

- the average man wears the same pajamas for 13 nights before washing them (YouGov)

- the average woman wears the same pajamas for 17 nights before washing them (YouGov)

- A survey by Mattress Firm reveals that 80% of coronavirus teleworkers wear pajamas instead of real clothes.

- 75% of people where pajamas on video conference calls (Fishbowl)

- 15% of people currently working from home don't change out of their pajamas everyday (Gear Hungry)

- 54% of people have changed their pajamas or bought new ones to impress their significant other (Mattress Advisor)

- 82% of people dislike others who wear pajamas in public (YouGov)

- 9% of people have dreamed about showing up to work in pajamas or with little or no clothing on (Careerbuilder)

- 31% of women say pajamas is the sexiest thing their partner can wear to bed (Ergoflex)

- 33% of people shop online while wearing their pajamas (PayPal)

- 70% of women prefer a night of watching TV in their pajamas over heading out in heels for a night on the town (NOW TV)

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