Pool Rules

A pool and beach survey by TripAdvisor reveals that the top three faux pas committed by swimmers and sunbathers are blasting loud music, hogging beach chairs and urinating in the water. Other findings:

- 52% of people say diapers should not be changed publicly while 5% believe it's unacceptable for young children to go in pools or the ocean with diapers on

- 65% of people believe it is fine for men to wear Speedos while 71% feel that women should be free to wear "skimpy bikinis."

- 47% of people say it is unacceptable to urinate in the ocean when no one else is around.

- 18% of people say it is unacceptable for women to go topless on the beach

- 26% of people say that on a crowded beach, strangers should maintain a 6-foot buffer zone between them and their neighbors.

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