darius rucker on tonight's of 'sun records'


Darius Rucker will appear in Tonight's (March 23rd) episode of CMT’s Sun Records. Darius will play singer, Johnny Bragg, the leader of a 1950's doo-wop group called The Prisonaires. His part is based on facts surrounding 5 Tennessee State Prison inmates who became infamous when they recorded while still serving time behind bars. In tonight's episode, Darius plays the lead singer, shackles and all. Sun Records airs at 10pm ET on CMT.

And coming up tomorrow (March 24), Darius Rucker is back to being himself as he teams up with John Mellencamp for CMT Crossroads.

And Darius will be at the Delaware State Fair on July 23rd.   Froggy has your tickets!   Check out the contest page here at Froggy999.com to win!

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