What's in your fridge?


A poll of 1,003 U.S. adults reveals the following:

61% say they keep dairy products in the front of their refrigerator.  55% say the same about fruits & vegetables.  More than 50% say they can judge how healthy someone is by looking inside their refrigerator.  Nearly 50% say they can even predict how often homeowners eat out by peering into their fridge.  34% believe they can tell how clean someone keeps the rest of their house by looking in their fridge.  Nearly 30% believe they can determine someone's personality traits or that person's relationship status.  25% say they will "dress up" their refrigerators to make it look fuller and healthier than it normally does when they know they'll have guests coming over.  More than 82% say they base their opinion of someone on the state of that individual's refrigerator

Dave Hovel

Dave Hovel

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