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Baltimore, D.C. & Philadelphia All Made "The List"


A new study ranked the worst U.S. cities to drive in.  We've seen a lot of studies like this where Los Angeles ranks #1 for worst traffic.  But this one factored in a bunch of other stuff too.

They looked at traffic . . . gas prices . . . quality of the roads . . . how likely you are to be involved in a crash . . . and about 20 other things.  And L.A. just cracked the top ten.  Here's the full list . . .



1.  San Francisco.  It's the most expensive city to own and maintain a car.  And it's also in the top ten for worst traffic.


2.  Oakland, California.  Which is just across the bay from San Francisco.


3.  Detroit.


4.  D.C.


5.  Seattle.


6.  Boston.


7.  Honolulu.


8.  Philadelphia.


9.  Baltimore.


10.  Los Angeles. 


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